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The rising popularity of sneakers from regular shoes to cultural icons.

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Initially designed primarily for the basketball court, sneakers gained popularity as essential footwear due to heavy endorsements by celebrities off the court. However, due to evolving fashion cycles sneakers were introduced into the fashion industry gaining momentum beyond the American market. According to Statista Research Department, the global sneaker market is valued at approximately US$79 billion in 2020 and is predicted to reach US$120 billion by 2026. The last decade has seen a huge shift in how sneakers are worn.

The history of sneakers can be dated back to 1917 when Massachusetts-based Converse Rubber Shoe company produced their iconic hi-top All-Stars basketball shoes. However, the brilliance of strategic and impactful advertisement led to their popularity, The All-Star was assigned to Chuck Taylor in 1921. In 1971, Abdul Jabbar was the face of Adidas as their basketball star. Coming to 1975, a start-up brand, Pony International Footwear Company snagged Darryl Dawkins and David Thompson changing the marketing landscape for sneakers.

For all these years, sneaker culture was at a steady pace of likeness until Nike Air Jordan I that made its debut in 1985 and instantly gained iconic status. The Jordan series has produced 29 styles since the original, but the ’85 designed by Peter Moore has been a classic. Michael Jordan transformed the sneakers from just for court use but also as fashion. With athleisure gaining momentum, sneakers have gone beyond being sportswear to become everyday footwear. Sneakers also acquired perfect casual footwear status. Streetwear vibe has been growing in popularity when it comes to sneakers, 1990s look-in sneakers are what most millennials are looking for.

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The expanding number of "sneakerheads" who collect and trade sneakers has helped to fuel their cult status. Limited edition sneakers featuring a celebrity, hip-hop artist, or athlete are regularly released by Nike and Adidas. People are going to great lengths to get their hands on these rare models, even if it means queuing all night. The lucrative sneaker resale marketplace has spawned a new cult of sneakerheads who capitalize from their entrepreneurial drive to generate enormous hype and personal gain.

Sneakers are the most popular footwear in the world, from sports to fashion. Despite their general acceptance, sneakers maintain their coolness as cultural symbols.

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