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The most famous types of Boots that ever existed.

There are boots for every mood. Even at a look, the dozens of varieties of men's boot available today might easily overwhelm a would-be footwear buyer. Boots effortlessly match every attire as per your style.

To shortlist, few popular types of boots for men that will effortlessly match your style are listed below. Chelsea boots are a close fitting and ankle high with an elastic side panel. Derived from Victorian era, Chelsea boots were popularized by The Beatles in 1960s.

Followed by Ankle boots draw their inspiration from Chelsea boots, having snug and form fitting qualities from the former. Instead of elastic mesh, ankle boots have zippers and straps that do not stretch over time. Jodhpur boots are another popular variation of popular Chelsea boots, originally designed for horseback riding. They feature a rounded toe, very low heel straps usually wrapped around the ankle. Jodhpur boots as the name suggests originated from India was brought at the forefront of the fashion scene by the local polo riders.

Another popular shoe type is Chukka boot, deriving its name from polo where a single period of play is sometimes known as a chukka. These Ankle high boots are most commonly made with leather uppers and rubber soles, they’re an open lace boot style that can look great with jeans and chinos alike. While wingtip boots are great for embellishing a casual outfit owing to their intricate detailing on the boot tips or keeping a dressier fit from going overboard. Less popular inspired by military classic, a trench boot has a slightly taller heel and generous lacing. Falling between a chukka and a hiking boot. These boots suit well with casual or dressier outfits. Combat boot prioritize function over form, providing excellent amalgamation of grip, stabilization and protection.

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Dress boots are lace up cap toe boots with closed lacing, made to cover ankle preferable paired to match with any formal wear.

Hiking boots subdivide into various stylistic variations, leading to its use as a casual wear. However, top end hiking boots are designed to cater to authentic hiking enthusiasts.

Hunting boots are a seasoned addition to the wardrobe, wintertime staple for casual wear in much of north east, their waterproof construction and the traction-heavy soles let them double as snow boots. Work boot come under heavy duty construction category of any boot style. Their robust build and breathable lining keep the wearer comfortable throughout the day.

Rain boots have a distinctive style that’s impossible to miss, also known as wellington boots, or galoshes. They’re insulated for winter wear, and 100% waterproof from top to bottom. When it gets really cold outside, nothing short of a fully insulated and waterproof boot will do. Snow boots excel in wet, snowy, or icy conditions, and come with exteriors that are easy to clean.

Coming to exotic shoe type high heels, round or pointed toes and no lacing: Cowboy boots are a style of their own, made usually made from cowhide leather. They are also made from a plethora of exotic animal skins like buffalo, snake and alligator. Designed to last longer days on horseback, their smooth soles can take long time to break in properly. Lastly, originating from America engineer boots have a tall, lace less design and exceptionally durable construction. A cross of rugged style and accessibility exudes pure style.

To narrow down you wardrobe collection one must decide occasion and outfits and choose the one that fits the bill.

Leather Care Tip:

Do blot away water or moisture as soon as possible from all your leather products.

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