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How to take care of your leather products?

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Since leather is skin, it is important to take good care from day to day. By following a simple routine, unnecessary wear and tear can be avoided and can extend the life of your purchase. Avoid rough use of the material in harsh conditions to maintain its original silhouette, quality and finish. In addition to basic care and awareness, thoughtful storage will go a long way in maintaining the life of your favourite accessory. However, each accessory requires its care techniques for shoes repair, leather repair, shoe hydration etc.

In the case of leather footwear, you start by thoroughly cleaning the shoes. Followed by conditioning to keep them looking new. Lastly, keep your shoes safe by storing them correctly. Keep in mind to polish them after every 6th wear. Followed by storing them in a dust bag when not in use.

Best Shoe Repair service in Hyderabad
Best Shoe Repair service in Hyderabad

However, here's an easy guide of dos and don’ts that can be easily followed to take care of your leather products.


· Make sure to clean leather with a soft brush or a cloth. Scratches can detract from a flawlessly handcrafted piece. Avoid careless contact with sharp surfaces when you are out and about.

· Try to air out leather.

· Essentially keep in mind to tap dry away water or moisture as soon as possible.

· Ensuring to dry leather naturally, away from artificial heat.

· Spots and stains can be cleaned with a mixture of soap lather and warm water. Take extra care with leather items used frequently by wiping dust and spots with a soft cloth or brush.

· One more essential tip is to use a steam cleaner to disinfect and remove buildup from regular use.

· Leather supple can be left with a specialized leather conditioner every 3-6 months.


· Avoid machine wash leather.

· Don’t dry wet leather next to a radiator or with a hairdryer.

· Don’t iron leather.

· Most importantly do not immerse leather in water to clean. Wet leather requires extra care, so if rain is forecasted remember to take an umbrella.

Polishing leather, for instance, maintains the original shine. This keeps the shoe in its glorious condition. In case of keeping leather true to its condition, regular dusting and a simple wipe with a damp cloth occasionally will do the trick. Smooth, fine and patent leather will benefit from a soft leather cream to nourish, hydrate and preserve their supple qualities. Bright colors polish can be used to spot buff scratches and scuffs. Exotic and delicate leathers and materials must be cleaned with extra care to uphold their sumptuous nature, from Buffalo hide, snakeskin, suede, nubuck, print to velvet each of these surfaces require designated care.

Leather Care Tip:

Do blot away water or moisture as soon as possible from all your leather products.

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